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Foto: Studio Nick Ervinck

RETMONER – inspired by history

RETMONER is a sculpture in lacquered steel that bursts with meaning. Inspired by the history of the city of Waregem – which translates as ‘the residence of the Waro clan’ – it draws directly on archaeological finds such as arrowheads, shards and coins from the Gallo-Roman period. The Zuiderpromenade is seen as the new gateway to the city and the artist has responded to this by positioning the sculpture like a guardian protecting an unknown sanctuary. RETMONER calls on us to take a fresh look at history, its fluid, computer-controlled forms offering a softer version of the ancient artifacts. Although its 4.4 metre height makes it seem massive, this eclectic sculpture is built from voids: like Henry Moore, the artist uses negative or empty space as a constructive force. Emptiness is an inseparable part of the sculpture, and could even be regarded as a building material in its own right. The lacquered steel plate is 10-12 mm thick.
  • Boekenplein / Zuiderlaan - Holstraat, Waregem
  • Stad Waregem, Waregem
  • Nick Ervinck (kunstenaar), Lichtervelde
    Architect / Designer