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Foto: BAS

Central access point for University Hospital Gasthuisberg

A slender canopy has been built on the site of the University Hospital Gasthuisberg to accentuate the central circulation hub and guide visitors efficiently to their destination. The canopy covers the large circulation deck that incorporates the staircase and lift complex, and forms an important visual landmark at the western entrance zone. Measuring 43 x 27 m, it features a fully glazed steel structure with a large overhang to the side that provides shelter from driving rain. The construction height of the canopy decreases from 1,200 mm at the columns to 200 mm at the edges. The required structure is concentrated in 30 mm thick fins in S235 steel, which lie diagonally across the plane of the canopy and are welded together at nodes to form a single 1.4 m grid. The 16.5 m columns are made of S355 steel (type 406.4/30) and house the steel pipes for rainwater drainage and cabling for canopy lighting.
  • Herestraat 49, Leuven
  • Universitaire Ziekenhuizen Leuven, Leuven
  • AWG architecten, Antwerpen
    Architect / Designer
  • BAS, Kessel-Lo
    Structural engineering
  • Cordeel zetel Hoeselt, Hoeselt
    General contractor
  • Cordeel zetel Temse, Temse
    Steel contractor
  • Cordeel
    Infosteel Members