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Foto: Elisabeth Schalenbourg

Wine estate 'Gloire de Duras’

The ‘Gloire de Duras’ wine estate lies in the heart of the Belgian Haspengouw region and was originally created as an extension of a family fruit farm. The estate was looking for a contemporary design language for its wine tasting pavilion and production building. The angled positioning of the two buildings leads the access path to the estate to a funnel-shaped space that gradually reveals a view of the vineyard beyond, whilst the choice of steel as a construction material made it possible to build on the agricultural character of the site and to tie in with the existing shed. It also allowed optimal functionality to be combined with a contemporary design language that is simple, robust, characterful and elegant all at the same time. This manifests itself in two austere black buildings with an asymmetrical roof profile in which roof and facade are both completely covered with vertically ribbed steel plate. The self-supporting under-roof sheets and wind bracing used in the facades and roof remain visible from inside.
  • Galgestraat 126, Wilderen
  • Nijskens - Boelen, Wilderen
  • Architect Elisabeth Schalenbourg, met medewerking van Architect Joke ibens, Brussel
    Architect / Designer
  • Studiebureau Lismont, Koersel
    Structural engineering
  • Bomonta, Lummen
    Steel contractor
  • Bomonta, Lummen (facades)
    Other steel applications
  • SAB-profiel
    Infosteel Members