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Foto: Carlos López (Foto Landmark)

Imposing Skyhall given a second life

Built for Expo 58, the transit hall at Zaventem airport was an impressive feat of engineering that involved completely covering a space 100 m long, 55 m wide and 18 m high with an arch-shaped aluminium roof structure. This roof structure has now been reinforced from above to give the glorious ‘Skyhall’ a second life. A steel truss construction with the same cantilever as the original aluminium structure has been integrated into the existing roof, making it possible to retain the original roof and ceiling. The A-shaped trusses have been reinforced to support the new roof structure, which comprises 521 tonnes of S355 steel, and also carry a walkway on V-shaped steel columns flanking a monumental staircase. Three rectangular steel tubes serve as stringers, with a horizontal span of 13 m and no intermediate supports.
  • Leopoldlaan - Luchthaven Brussel Nationaal, Zaventem
  • Brussels Airport Company, Brussel
  • Stramien ARCHITECTUUR en RUIMTE, Antwerpen
    Architect / Designer
  • Arcade Groep, Hasselt
    Structural engineering
  • SECO, Brussel
    Control agency
  • IBO, Heffen
    General contractor
  • IMW, Ravenshout
    Steel contractor
  • CS Raamconstructies, Weelde (Ravels) (facades)
    Other steel applications
  • SECO
    Infosteel Members