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Foto: Gilles Martin
Steel Construction Contest 2019 - Nominee

Depot and maintenance workshop for trams

The capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg has had its own tram network for two years now, and where there are trams, there must also be a depot and central command station. This role is fulfilled by ‘Tramsschapp’, which was inaugurated in January 2018 and is located right next to Luxexpo and the Serra roundabout on the Kirchberg plateau, between the Grünwald massif (Natura 2000 zone) and the motorway. This depot and maintenance workshop can accommodate the 32 trams that will be required to implement the timetable envisaged for the network in 2021. Since sites of this kind are always surrounded by all manner of external objects such as rails, catenaries and pylons, the architects opted for a simple and soothing visual language. The depot and maintenance workshop comprise three buildings of similar design with rather closed lateral facades, clad in wood to ensure that they blend in as well as possible with their environment, and generously glazed front facades. The green roofs feature spacious grass-covered areas bedecked in solar panels and configured for maximum recovery of rainwater, which is put to good use for window washing.

  • 61 Circuit de la Foire Internationale, Luxembourg
  • Luxtram
  • Werkgemeinschaft Karlsruhe
    Architect / Designer
    Structural engineering
  • Socotec
    Control agency
  • A.M. Steffen Holzbau / TMS
    General contractor
  • Alex Arendt Constructions Métalliques
    Steel contractor
    Infosteel Members